Essential Items You Need for a Fun Day at the Lake

Days at the lake with your friends and family are lots of fun unless you get sunburned or forget to bring a cooler. To prevent any disasters, you’ll need to plan and pack for your trip before you head out. For a fun and stress-free adventure, remember to pack these essential items you need for a fun day at the lake.

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Water and Snacks

Water and snacks are absolutely essential for a day at the lake. Dehydration is never fun, and people tend to become cranky when they’re hungry. Be sure to pack plenty of water, juices, and electrolytes along with sandwiches, fruit, and other snacks. You can place these items in a cooler to keep them fresh for the entire day.

Sunscreen and Shades

A sunburn is painful and can cause serious skin damage over time. Even if you’re outside for only a couple of hours, you will need to wear sunscreen. Depending on the type of sunscreen you use, you may need to reapply it every couple of hours since it can come off in the water. Pack a stylish pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes as well. Shades are one of the items you need in your wardrobe for summer, and you can use them to protect your eyes and prevent headaches.  You will want to keep cool to have a fun day at the lake.

Coolers and Plenty of Ice

Drinking warm water and juice isn’t enjoyable on a hot day. You’ll need to keep your snacks and drinks ice-cold in a cooler. Some foods, such as eggs, can spoil easily in the sun. So, keep them cold. That way, you can stay happy and healthy. Be sure to use plenty of ice in your cooler to keep the food and drinks cold for the entire day.

fun day at the lakeFloaties and Water Toys

Water toys are also essential items you need for a fun day at the lake. Floaties and water toys provide endless hours of fun for both children and adults. You can pack a tube, water guns, noodles, floaties, and more. You can also bring a volleyball or football for fun games in the water.


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