Get Organized, Accomplish Fitness Goals!

Get Organized, Accomplish Fitness Goals!

So as I look back on my life I now see that people really do fit into two groups; organized and unorganized. I certainly always fell into the latter. I would have some organized moments in which life would be so much less stressful and things would get DONE and done with far less effort. If you have been messy your whole life it’s hard to imagine changing your whole person, it’s who you are! Right?! Wrong! I am still me but now I’m on-time and happier. If you have struggled with your fitness, organization could be the answer to your troubles. Let’s get organized!

Get Healthy!

Read below for my top 3 tips to get organized and to start seeing results! It’s a lot to take on a healthier, more organized way of life. It a lot of tiny pieces that need to come together for it all to flow. Before we get to the tips on organization, start with the basics. Get motivated. There are going to be days, all kinds of days where you will need to decide to continue on your plan. Eat well, not less. Stay hydrated with water and sleep at least 8 hours a night. You will notice differences with all that.

Tips to Get Organized, Accomplish Fitness Goals!

  1. Journal and write your plan/schedule down however you want. You can Pinterest something cool or be flat out corny and stick a big white board in your hallway so you are confronted with it every day. Carry you plan with you in your phone or in a journal or day planner. Always have a copy with you. Your plan should be 3 things: structured, measurable and achievable. Know what you are doing when you get to the gym, journal your journey so you can compare your energy from one week to the next and adjust and make sure your plan is realistic.

    Tips to Get Organized & Accomplish Fitness Goals!
    Tips to Get Organized & Accomplish Fitness Goals!
  2. Be organized in your home. Coming home should feel like a luxury resort, hotel or sanctuary! To really feel free takes some work. Keep your things put away, remove clutter permanently constantly. It may feel like a waste to give away things you think you may need later but trust me, it’s a much bigger waste having it bog you down in the present. Keep it simple. Leaving the house will always be a breeze this way. Spend 2 days a week doing the washing: counters, floors etc. and aside from that just put everything away as soon as you are done with it. Develop a schedule so not only are you putting things back to the same place every day but you also start to do it around the same time every day. There is a great comfort that comes with knowing what to expect.
  3. Eat and Sleep. For real though. Have your go-to grocery list in paper form, in your journal, on the fridge and in your phone and wallet. If you keep yourself stocked with the essentials, you are less likely to break your healthier way of eating. Prep your meals on Sunday for 3-5 days. This will make so much of the difference. Sleep. We like to think that 5 hours is okay but it’s not. Your body is doing so much more than sleeping at night. It’s repairing. You are stronger mentally and physically if you are consistently getting enough rest.

You Can Get Organized, Really!

It can seem like a lot to really get organized at first but once you’ve been doing it for a few weeks, it’s just routine! Oh and the last tip is to enjoy it. Don’t not eat junk food because you CAN’T, don’t because you don’t want to, you decided not to, because you plan to be fabulous. Learn to enjoy the journey!

If you’d like some extra pointers to get organized, check out this book!

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