Early Cancer Prevention Leading to a Healthier Life

DOCS VETIn today’s society and with all the advances in the medical field, it is easier than ever to be tested and treated for many forms of illnesses, including a variety of cancers. Health insurance companies advise and support that a person should get an annual physical with a doctor and have lab work done consisting of a panel of blood work tests. These can provide a medical professional the information they need about a person’s basic health. With today’s advances, early detection of a variety of cancers and illnesses can be detected and treated in the early stages, thus promoting a longer and healthier life.

Utilizing Early Cancer Prevention Techniques

It is important for everyone to consider using early cancer screenings as a method for living a healthier life. After all, if you do have cancer, early detection is the absolute best way to beat the illness. it is especially vital for people who have a high cancer risk to get themselves checked out on a regular basis. For example, if there is a history of cancer in your family, or you were exposed to toxins that have been proven to cause the disease, you should take early screenings very seriously.

What are Some Early Screening Techniques?

There are some forms of cancer that can be caught early on by simple blood tests, including prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. Getting checked yearly for these is important if you are at a higher than normal prostate cancer risk or pancreatic cancer risk. Blood and genetic testing can also be used to detect the presence of the BRCA1 and BRACA2 genes. Individuals who have one of these genes have a much higher risk of contracting breast cancer. In fact, the odds become so high that some people decide to take additional preventive measures. For example, Angelina Jolie recently had a double mastectomy after discovering that she has the BRCA1 gene. Without early screening techniques, Jolie would have had no way of knowing that she had an 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer. However, thanks to the early screening test, Jolie’s odds of succumbing to cancer in the future have now dropped to less than 5 percent.

How can I get an Early Screening?DOC VET 2

Although it is not possible to detect every forms of cancer with a blood test, it is still advisable for individuals who are at risk to go through the early screening process on an annual basis. In order to do this without spending a lot of money on appointments with your doctor, you can employ the services of an online health testing lab. You can order your test online at inexpensive rates. The online center will email you a form that you will print out and take to a local lab near you. They have nationwide blood centers for convenience. Here they will draw your blood or collect a urine sample, and you will be contacted in a day or two with the results by one of their doctors. This process is inexpensive, and it can provide you with peace of mind.

Everyone has some risk of developing cancer, so it is vital to include early screenings in your regular health regimen. You can easily get a blood test done to look for certain forms of cancer. For all other forms, you should consult with your doctor to develop an early screening plan.

A health supporter and enthusiast, Lisa Coleman shares an alternative method to getting some annual testing done without the process costing a large sum, especially for the lower income or uninsured. She encourages anyone who has a family history of illness or high cancer risk, whether it’s a breast, pancreatic or prostate cancer risk, to use an inexpensive online health lab for their annual screening to help promote a longer and healthier life.


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