Does My Teenager Have Road Anxiety?

Teen DriverUntil everyone has the ability to use a driverless car, it will remain necessary for teenagers and other new drivers to go through all of the necessary training to become safe drivers. Statistics have proven that young drivers are more likely to become distracted, and this leads to a disproportionate amount of traffic accidents. One of the main reasons that young drivers have difficulty behind the wheel is that they can become practically crippled by road anxiety. After all, learning how to drive a car is very intimidating for many people, and it is easy for this to lead to anxious feelings anytime a new driver even thinks about getting in their vehicle. 

If you want to determine if your teenager is suffering from road anxiety, you should pay close attention to how they act before and after they drive. For example, if they seem tense or are more moody than usual when it is time for them to drive somewhere, they might be dealing with a lot of anxiety. Turning down an opportunity to drive or making up excuses for why they would rather sit in the passenger seat is another strong indicator that they are having difficulty relaxing when they are driving.

What Issues Can These Feelings Cause?

In order for your teenager to learn how to become a good driver, they will need to be able to relax when they are driving. Unfortunately, if they are struggling with anxiety each time they get into the driver’s seat, the odds are high that they will not be able to pay close enough attention to the road to follow all of the applicable safety laws. Instead, they are much more likely to cause an accident or get pulled over for a traffic violation. Sadly, having one of these occurrences could make it even more difficult for them to get past their feelings of anxiety. If your teenager is involved in an accident, make sure that you contact a car accident attorney to help protect their legal rights.

Teen DriverWhat Can I Do to Help ?

One of the best ways to overcome a fear or anxiety is through education. Enrolling your teen in school driving courses is a great idea. Also—as any Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer can attest—many states, such as Florida, offer driving state courses like the Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC). Courses like this can equip your teen with the information they need to feel more secure in operating a vehicle.

In order to help your teen deal with road anxiety, you should enable them to practice driving in situations that are easier to control, such as an empty parking lot. If they are still having difficulty feeling comfortable, it might be a good idea to take them to a counselor. Either way, as long as you continue to help them throughout the process, they should be able to eventually get over their anxiety issues.

Savannah Bobo loved learning to drive as a teen and enjoys writing about health, wellness, travel, and art. Even the most seasoned drivers are susceptible to phobias and anxiety when it comes to driving. Speaking to a car collision specialist, whether it’s a Philadelphia mechanic or a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer, may help assuage some of your fears.


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