Take Cover This Summer


Hey guys!

Summer is quickly approaching and with that comes a lot of danger. Now, I know it’s no fun to talk about all the negatives of our favorite season – but we must. Now, I believe that prevention is better than redemption, especially when it comes to protecting ourselves this year. With that being said, I wanted to share with you 3 helpful ways to enjoy summer to the fullest, without regretting it with fall comes along.

You ready?

1. SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen at times can be a hassle to remember to put on or bring with us for our day out in the sun, but we must. What I suggest doing: Use a lotion and face moisturizer that has spf, that way you won’t “feel” like your putting it on and you’ll be protected. Just dont forget the kids!

2. WATER: Guzzling water is essential in the hotter months. Dehydration is super common, and can be very dangerous. I personally can drink water with no problem alone, but not everyone can. If not, I suggest eating fruits like watermelon or cantaloupe.  You can even add flavors to your water. Also, regular smoothie and fro-yo trips are awesome! Yum!

3. SHADE: Hats and umbrellas are awesome for protecting you and yours from the dangerous UV rays that the sun provides. You can be stylish and safe at the same time! Win-win!

Warning: No tanning beds. Use tanning lotions and creams instead to give yourself a natural glow. If you tan outside, make sure to apply sunscreen every 2 hours!

These ways will ensure that you and your loved one prevent any unnecessary trips to the doctor this summer. I mean who wants to leave the beach to visit them anyways?

-Amber O.

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