Diet Buddies: Daniel Plan Days 3 and 4

Diet Buddies

Though I have my doubts that any of you were devastated by the lack of a post yesterday (since I use this space to complain for a few hundred words) I am back with the third and fourth editions of my Daniel Plan journal. The great folks here at Happy Healthy Hub have graciously given me this time to share my firsthand experience with the latest clean-eating diet plan sweeping the nation. As I stated before, this is not an advertisement for the makers of this eating program, and I am receiving no compensation for the write up. However, I will tell you what I am receiving — a great appreciation for my partner in crime: through this experience, my wife and I have become diet buddies.

I know that sounds strange, but much like peanut butter and jelly (as seen in that mouthwateringly beautiful picture at the top — eat ’em if you got ’em, because I can’t), we go together well. If we weren’t diet buddies, this little experiment would’ve ended the night before we started. This journal and my wife are keeping me on task. Otherwise, I would be on a PB&J bender right now since that is the craving of the moment. Yesterday it was buttered biscuits, and I don’t really like buttered biscuits. Go figure.

Diet Buddies: A Necessary Part of Any Health Plan

The Daniel Plan touts the importance of small group support. Whether you have two people or ten, the biggest success stories come from the result of people supporting one another. Hence our mutual need for diet buddies. We give each other the room to share our feelings on a particular food, exercise or craving, and neither of us are critical of the other. We both are going through it, so we both benefit from a caring ear. If she was not there for me, I’d probably be eating a calzone right now since that is the craving of the moment.

If you choose to make a similar clean eating choice — no matter the plan you follow — seek support from others. Even if they are not doing it as well, trusted people can make the best diet buddies. Plus, as is the case for my fortunate situation, it can help the two of you become closer as a result of the emotional and physical struggles related to dieting and changing your lifestyles. Eventually when the two or more of you make it to the point where you can cheat from time to time, they can go with you to get enchiladas (since that is the craving of the moment).

My Daniel Plan Journal Day 3 and 4

Good: The day 4 dinner was fantastic — Walnut Pesto Chicken! There just wasn’t enough of it. However, it did teach me how to savor food in light of …

Bad: The Chia coconut brown rice breakfast bowl (I refuse to share a recipe because I like you) was something of my childhood nightmares. I ate 3/4 of it and quit before 3/4 of it returned to the scene.

Goal for tomorrow: To only speak positively of how I feel, instead of talking constantly about wanting fried chicken tenders (since that is the craving of the moment).

Recommendations to others considering the plan: Give yourself plenty of time to prep your meals, especially when you are taking it to work or out of town. I attended a conference yesterday, and I didn’t have the ability to cook in the morning/afternoon and the late night before was worth it. Also, if you are snacking in front of a room of strangers, be prepared for the glances you’ll get as you eat roasted chickpeas and a hardboiled egg. That is definitely not the sign of a stable person who you want to sit with at a conference.

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