Creative Ways to Destress at Work

Deadlines, high priority tasks, and even pressure from co-workers, bosses, and clients can make work a dreaded daily occurrence. Built-up stress can decrease work performance and impact your mood after hours when you should be enjoying a break from the office. Oftentimes, turning up our music in our cars on the commute home or unplugging from technology for family time are the best ways to destress after a hard day at work, but how can we destress while still at the office? Here are a few quick and creative ways to destress at work.

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Get Up and Move

If you’ve been locked in at your desk working on an important project for hours, it’s a good idea to get up and move every once in a while. Go for a quick 10- to 15-minute walk around the office or try to take a detour when on your way to the restrooms or water fountain. A short walk can release endorphins which will reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and provide energy. Stretching at your desk can also be a great way to destress by increasing your blood flow. Stretching and going for walks can give you a quick mental break that will allow you to return to your desk energized and ready to keep working.

Download a Meditation App

Meditation apps have become widely available in recent years. Meditation apps allow for personalized meditation techniques to calm your mind when work gets hectic. These apps can sometimes offer breathing exercises as short as 15 seconds to refocus your mind without spending large amounts of time away from work.

Use a TED Talk

TED talks have thousands of topics to choose from to cater to your personal needs. Sometimes, a little extra motivation may be all we need to transform our stress into success. Listen to a TED Talk on your lunch break or simply take a 10-minute breather while you listen to gain a new perspective on your work ethic.

Bring a Furry Friend

While some offices may be strict on their no pets allowed policy, talk with your supervisor about the possibility of bringing a pet into the office. Having a dog visit the office can be a great way to boost everyone’s morale. Interactions with animals are known to stimulate the release of oxytocin in the brain which reduces anxiety and improves mood. If pets are allowed in your office, bring your four-legged friend in every so often or encourage your coworkers to bring theirs for a visit.

Switch to Tea

Another creative way to reduce anxiety at work is to switch to tea. If you’re an avid coffee lover, this could be increasing your anxiety and stress levels. Tea has less caffeine than coffee making it a better option if you’d still prefer to have a caffeinated beverage.

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