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BundlePost: The Key that Unlocks it All

Very rarely does a tool come along that not only improves your daily life, but changes it for the foreseeable future. Facebook for example, brought together over 750 million people onto one social platform to share, engage, interact and catch up. Similarly, Twitter has been equally instrumental by unifying communities, creating political revolutions and bringing the regular person closer to his or her favorite politicians. For many of us, being able interact with friends and read the latest tweet of Lady Gaga is enough, but for those of us who look for something further: the ability to engage, be a thought leader and influence others, the search has been tough — until now.

BundlePost is the first automated social media content system to hit the market, specifically designed for all platforms. Founded by Robert Caruso (Twitter: @fondalo@bundlepost — if you aren’t following, you’re being foolish), this tool allows you to automate your content in ways you’ve never seen before, allowing you to do what you’re supposed to do when you are on social media: Drive engagement and increase return on investment for your business. Like what Twitter and Facebook have done for the engagement process in bringing people together, BundlePost will drive the conversation that takes engagement to another level, by letting people post what interests them and enhances their community further. If you are serious about social media for you or your business, this is not just a tool you need to look into, this is a tool that ought to become a required component of your social media toolkit.

My BundlePost Experience

Back in February I was up for a social media interview. In my interview I was asked by the CEO how many followers I had, to which I responded 151. Thinking that this would be a basis of judgment for whether I would get hired, I went home and actually began using Twitter, and figured out the engagement process fairly quickly. Many, many at-replies later, I was finally followed by Caruso, who had sent me a welcoming direct message.

Initially my thought of “content management system” was something along the lines of a blog – I remember asking him distinctly whether he was trying to compete with Tumblr, or something like that in creating a new blogging platform. He said no, we went on for a little bit, and then he invited me to chat with him on Skype to show what platform he had.

I was simply blown away.

Soon after, I began using the tool and discovered that I was getting the results that are promised when using this tool. My Klout score, then in the mid-40s, has shot up now to the mid-60s, and the number of followers I have had as well, has also grown exponentially too. Where then I was around 151 followers, I am now closer to 1,300 (see graph below). Not a bad jump for 6 months if you ask me.

I now recommend this tool to everyone I meet who tells me they are interested in getting better at social media.

The BundlePost Advantage

BundlePost completes what I have been talking about — the social media ecosystem. Where people used to have to manually import and post links on a daily basis, wasting valuable engagement time otherwise spent scheduling posts on Tweetdeck and losing your mouse on the drop-down menu, BundlePost speeds up the process and gets you followers who matter and are interested in what you have to say. This in part increases

your engagement rate, raises your Klout score and adds strategic value to your social media presence. That being said, BundlePost is not and should not be what assists you in becoming Mashable or the New York Times, but rather help you become moreengaging, enchanting and meaningful on Twitter.

So are you interested in finally learning how to complete the social media ecosystem and finally piece the puzzle together? Are you interested in not just using, but benefitting a social media tool that will not only change the way you look at social media, but also change the way you do social media like me? Give BundlePost a try, and see what happens to you in a few weeks. I guarantee you will see better engagement and Klout score results just like I did.

Written By: Albert Qian

As Seen On: https://www.albertqian.com/

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