7 Fast-Foods That Causes Weight Gain

With a hectic lifestyle and limited physical activity, obesity has become one of the major concerns for people at least in the developed countries. Not only does it create a poor self image but also is one of the main reasons behind various lifestyle related diseases including stroke and heart attack.

The main culprit behind weight gain is the fast foods culture which has emerged in the recent time. These fast food items are priced quite reasonably and are quite high in calories but offer no substantial nutritional benefit.

Fast Food and why people like Fast Food?

As the name suggest, fast food is prepared in less time than conventional food. Fast food is quite famous with college students and working professionals who lack time. Fast foods are quite popular for the taste as well as the fact that they can be prepared in a short period of time and hence the mushrooming of fast food chains everywhere.

The fast food however is being criticized for not providing enough nutrition and adding only calories which leads to a very unhealthy lifestyle. Let us check some of the fast food items which lead to weight gain.


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Potato Chips

Potato contains a large amount of carbohydrate and can add weight in any form you have it, be it baked, mashed or in the form of chips and French fries. The effect is however pronounced in the form of chips and French fries as it contains a great amount of fat as well which can lead to heavy weight gain. 1 oz of the regular potato chip contains 150 calories which makes chips one of the highest calorie dense fast foods.

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Drinks like cola and other beverages are linked with the rise in obesity and has been criticized a lot in the recent times. An 8 oz of cola contains 91 calories but no nutritional value and hence regular consumption of cola can lead to weight gain.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats pack in large amount of carbohydrate, although not as much as a potato, it still accounts for weight gain in many people. A chocolate cupcake contains 180 calories.

Processed Meats

Processed Meats like bacon and sausages are known to add weight and also increase the chances of heart diseases and cancer. It is hence best to avoid processed meat both for losing weight as well as for health reasons. A slice of a processed turkey contains 35 calories.

White flour products

Bakery products which are made of white flour including bread and buns can add a lot of weight. They are composed of only refined carbohydrate and have low nutritional content as against brown flour. Also they boost our body’s sugar level which triggers an insulin release and hence increases fat storage and subsequent weight gain. One slice of Sandwich bread comes with 70 calories.


Donuts have less nutritional content and are just fried food covered with sugar. Hence they are laden with fat and carbohydrates and a medium sized donut contain 192 calories.

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