Sleep is Golden for College Students

As a college student, one of the most prized and valuable commodities is sleep. If you are a college student and you average about 7 hours a night of sleep, you are one of the lucky ones. Other college students manage to sleep a lot less, and always wish that they had more sleep. Don’t we all? As a college student, you need to realize that sleep is one of the most important things that you could get. Here are some ways to maximize your sleeping time. This will help you feel like a million bucks.


1. Avoid the caffeine. Although caffeine may be your saving grace―for all nighters and late night study parties―it’s not going to help you when you want to finally go to sleep. Avoid caffeine when you are getting ready to go to bed. If you drink caffeine, you are going to have an awfully hard time going to sleep. Avoid it at all costs!

2. Keep arguments out of the bedroom. If you are sharing a room with a roommate, try to keep the pillow talk to a minimum. It might be extremely tempting to bring up things that are bothering you, but right before you go to bed isn’t the time to bring up petty fights. However, you can talk about your dreams and aspirations, it will help you sleep better!

3. Kick out your pets. If you have a pet in your apartment, it’s a good idea to close the door when you are getting ready for bed. Don’t let your pet sleep with you. You might not even notice, but they can be the reason that you are tossing and turning all night. See how you feel when you kick your pets out of the room.

4. Cool down your room. It has been shown that people can sleep better when their rooms are cooler. This doesn’t mean making your room an ice box, but you should keep it cooler by cracking a window or turning up the ac a little bit.

5. The right bedding. Make sure that you have the right bedding. You don’t want to get something that will make you too hot at night. If you live in a hotter area, you should get silk or poly sheets! If  you are in a colder area, flannel sheets will keep you toasty all night.


These are just a few tips to help you sleep better!


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