Warning Signs That You Might Have Sleep Apnea

If you wake up in the morning and still feel like you haven’t gotten enough rest, chances are that something is going on. These are the warning signs that you might have sleep apnea.

Loud Snoring

Loud snoring at night is one of the earliest warning signs that you might have sleep apnea. If your snoring keeps your partner up all night, you should schedule yourself for a sleep study.

Gasping or Choking Sounds

If your partner notices that you’re gasping or choking or that there are long pauses between your breaths, it may be time to schedule a sleep study. Gasping and choking sounds can be signs that you are not getting the rest you need, and you should take them seriously.

Dry Mouth or Throat

Sleep apnea can cause you to breathe through your mouth, so one sign you may have it is waking up with a dry mouth or throat. If your mouth is dry and your throat is sore, they may be worth investigating.

Morning Headaches

Doctors don’t know why, but people with this diagnosis often experience morning headaches. If you have morning headaches, talk to your doctor about your sleep.

Insomnia and Trouble Staying Asleep

If you have trouble falling asleep or find yourself waking up multiple times in the night, sleep apnea could be the culprit. Repeat awakenings and insomnia can signify something more serious is going on.

Daytime Sleepiness

If you often find yourself tired or having little energy during the day, lack of getting adequate sleep could be the cause. If you feel excessively tired, talk to your doctor about how to improve your sleep.


With all that trouble sleeping, it’s no wonder that irritability is a common symptom of sleep apnea. If you find yourself feeling moody or irritable, it could mean you’re not getting quality sleep.


Dizziness when you wake up is a common symptom of this disorder. If you find yourself feeling dizzy in the morning, it could be because you’re not getting enough oxygen when you sleep.


The cause of nightmares in sleep apnea is unknown, but they’re often signs that something more serious is going on. Ask your doctor about nightmares the next time you get a checkup.

This diagnosis can be a burden for anyone, but if you find yourself experiencing many of these symptoms, check in with your doctor to see if sleep apnea could be the cause. There are dozens of ways to sleep well with a CPAP machine, which will dramatically improve your quality of sleep and life. Don’t ignore the signs of sleep apnea. Talk to your doctor today.

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