Using Natural Products For Better Health

Everyone has seen the television commercials promoting new medications that treat every possible condition that you can imagine. These commercials tell you to “Ask your doctor for..” and then, at the end they give you the horrifying list of side effects that are connected with the drug. In fact, some of them openly tell you that the medication has been linked to cancer and death. Who willingly wants to take this medication?

While some of these medications are necessary, and there are no other ways to treat the condition, most of these medical problems could be treated using natural methods.

Using Foods To Cure Medical Conditions

Changing what you eat, or when you eat it, can do a lot to improve your health. For instance, if you suffer from high cholesterol, adding a glass of unsweetened pink grapefruit juice and oatmeal to your breakfast can significantly reduce your cholesterol without any side effects. If you read the warning labels on cholesterol medicine, it specifically states not to consume grapefruit of any kind because it may drop your cholesterol levels too low when combined with the drugs. Why not just opt for the natural foods and leave out the harmful side effects of chemical medication.

If you suffer with type 2 diabetes, changes to your diet can reduce or eliminate your need for medication. Adding a teaspoon of fresh ground cinnamon to your food each day will help you manage your sugar levels, or changing your pasta to whole wheat. There are many things that can keep you off of expensive and dangerous medications when you are diabetic.

What About Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamins are also a great way to improve your health with minimal effort. Each vitamin andf mineral has a specific function, and those with ailments may simply be lacking in nutrition.

A recent study conducted in England by one of the major universities has shown that elderly people suffering from dementia may simply be lacking vitamin B-12. Of the 500 patients treated with B-12 injections, which ranged in mild to severe dementia, over 450 were able to leave the nursing facility with full cognitive abilities restored. This is just shy of miraculous.

Other vitamins can also improve different health issues, such as arthritic pain, heart strength and health and lowering blood cholesterol.

What Is The Real Question Then?

If you are suffering from any type of medical condition, the real question to ask your doctor is not, “Can I have the medication I saw on TV” The correct question to ask your doctor is “How can I treat this problem naturally”

This author promotes natural cures, natural foods and healthy living and she also writes about medical alert reviews.


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