Understanding Mole Removal and Why Surgery Is a Bad Idea

A mole is not considered a beautiful feature by most people. While people like Cindy Crawford have used their mole to help create a successful career and to earn a lot of money, not everyone is lucky enough to have a so-called “beauty” mole on the right spot on their faces. These people will instead have to consider removing these moles and will have to find out the safest and most efficient way of going about this procedure. There are various ways for a person to remove a mole, and not all of them are created equally. Here’s what you must understand about mole removal and why surgery is not a good idea.

You Will Experience Pain

You will experience pain if you go through with surgery in order to remove your mole. Every time you go through with a surgery for anything, there will always be post-operative pain; this is unavoidable. You have to ask yourself if you want to endure this pain after the surgery, well before you go under the knife. This pain is not an indication of something wrong with you, though; it’s just the natural consequence of going under the knife. Depending on the amount and consistency of your pain, you may be given some pain medications to control your feelings of discomfort after the surgery.

There Are Risks Associated With Allergies and Infections

Even though you are subjecting yourself to a cosmetic procedure, you are still going through with a legitimate surgery. As with all surgeries, there are various risks associated with a mole-removal procedure. Two of the most prominent risks involve bad reactions to the surgery itself. First, there is always a chance that you could end up being allergic to the type of anesthesia that is being used during the procedure. At the same time, there is always a risk that you could suffer an infection from the procedure. After all, the surgery to get rid of the mole will involve cutting and opening up the skin.

You Can Suffer Some Scarring

Scarring is a very real consequence of having surgery to get rid of a mole, which is why it is a bad idea to have surgery to deal with your mole. This defeats the whole purpose of removing the mole in the first place, as you don’t want to have worse blemishes after going through the trouble of removing the mole! If your surgeon is not very good or not particularly careful, a scab can form. While, in general, these can heal in a couple of weeks, you won’t be so lucky if you get scarring.

For all these reasons, it’s a bad idea to go ahead with surgery to remove a mole. Mole removal can be handled more effectively and in a much safer manner by using creams and natural, alternative methods. Surgery carries risks with it – risks that may be challenging to easily avoid. However, if you choose creams and home remedies to deal with removing moles, you won’t have any of these potential problems.


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