Why Santa Clarita Is A Good Fit For Your Healthy Lifestyle

RJ RUNNERSWhy Santa Clarita Is A Good Fit For Your Healthy Lifestyle

When looking to move, you need to take into account a number of factors before planning to establish roots in a new area. An individual’s lifestyle, wants, necessities, work and family all play an important role, and finding a location that suits your specific needs can make a city most appealing. Santa Clarita is located just north of Los Angeles and offers its residents a low crime rate, year-round warm weather and several options for a healthy lifestyle.

Home And Safety

The real estate market plays a key role in deciding if a home will make a good investment. Looking for an area that has a low crime rate and is family safe typically heads the list. Reading through the Santa Clarita classifieds will show just why the city was voted as one of the safest places to live in all of California.  Aside from Santa Clarita’s low crime rate, residents and visitors alike say that they enjoy the small town feel of the community with its city living.

The housing market provides a bounty to choose from that includes new construction, pre-owned homes, apartments, rentals, condominiums and townhomes. The school districts are also top rated, with many of the learning institutions ranking near the top 10 percent. The elementary schools have won numerous awards and take pride in their dedication and commitment to their students. They also offer a wide variety of extracurricular and sports related activities.

RJ RUNNER 2Healthy Lifestyle

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle is easy in this California locale. With the mild temperatures and an assortment of parks, beaches and trails, you won’t have to worry about being sedentary. There are over 34 parks between Santa Clarita and Los Angeles, and you’ll find the paths and trails span close to 60 miles. This is the perfect opportunity to navigate some of the most picturesque terrain by foot or bike.  Fresh air, a safe environment, and great real estate options are only some of the many great reasons to enjoy life here.

Employment Opportunities And Accessibility

Santa Clarita is a business friendly city of Los Angeles County and hosts a number of business opportunities for both owners and employees. With Los Angeles a mere 30 to 45 minute drive away, your employment possibilities are endless. You are also close to an assortment of transportation avenues, with the Transit Commuter Express making it a breeze to get to work.

Fun Activities

California is known for its sandy beaches and mountainous views and this town doesn’t disappoint. The San Gabrial and Santa Susana mountains are a short distance away and offer breathtakingly beautiful views. You can start your day by playing in the snow up in the mountains and end it dining at one of the local beach eateries while you watch the sun set. You’re also a short ride away from the excitement of Six Flags, Universal Studios and other family fun activities. The area also offers excitement that includes golf courses, animal sanctuaries, historical sites, museums and aquatic centers.

Moving to Santa Clarita, CA means a wealth of opportunities in both business and pleasure. The happiness of the community is evident in the shops, schools, parks and recreational activities, and you won’t want to miss its small town charm mingled with the richness of the city.

Akilah Richards is a former licensed Realtor who has lived in various cities in the U.S. and abroad, and shares these insights to help families make informed choices of where to live. The Santa Clarita classifieds website has helped many families find engaging, family-friendly neighborhoods to live, work, and play.

Photo Credit: Adelphi Lab Center

Photo Credit: Linda James


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