UK Surgery Wait Times and How Private Hospitals and Clinics Are Bringing Them Down

For some of the most common surgeries, and even for some of the simplest medical procedures, wait times for such procedures, according to the Patients Association, increased between 2010 and 2011. With wait times on the rise, and more and more people needing surgeries such as hip operations and knee replacements, the question can be asked, who is going to perform the surgeries? The fact of the matter is that private hospitals are getting the job done, when public hospitals simply cannot keep up with the high demand for important medical procedures. Circle Partnership hospitals are working toward an improved medical system, while at the same time they are bringing down wait times for patients seeking medical attention and surgery.

How Circle Partnership Hospitals Increase Productivity to Improve Surgery Numbers

Circle Partnership hospitals are established in a way in which all of the employees of the hospital are also co-owners of the hospital. Based on the fact that employees essentially own the facility and its success or failure, their interest in increased productivity is an interest that is nourished by the system in which they work. When it comes down to the final numbers, each individual employee of the hospital is interested in the overall wellbeing of the hospital for today, and for the years to come.

High Customer Service at Circle Partnership Hospitals Improves Surgery Numbers

Similar to the way that a private business is run, employees of Circle Partnership hospitals have a large interest in making sure that their clients (patients) are highly satisfied with their medical experience. As businesses know, customer satisfaction means that more people, over time, want to have the same positive experiences at the hospital. With every staff member focused on the total wellbeing and heightened customer satisfaction experience, more people come to the Circle Partnership hospitals, thus reducing the number of surgeries that need to be performed in public hospitals, and reducing the wait times for everyone needing surgery.

Innovation Brings Down Wait Times

Innovation in several areas of Circle Partnership hospitals is one of the main reasons for decreased wait times and an improved overall experience. Innovation is an idea that is encouraged at private hospitals much more than it is encouraged in the public sector. Innovation means a world of difference to privately run clinics and hospitals because the co-owners of the hospitals understand that with innovation, the entire hospital can run more smoothly. For example, a simple improvement in one process that occurs frequently could lead to hours of time savings over the course of a short period of time. Due to the fact that Circle Partnerships encourage this innovation, employees feel free to be creative in their thinking and they are constantly working toward making improvements to bring down surgery wait times.

Circle Partnership hospitals use innovation and specialized experience to improve processes and procedures, while the customer service experience is one that is always at the top of the priority list. With long waits for surgeries in the public hospitals, it is with great pleasure that private clinics and hospitals are able to reduce wait times and improve the overall customer experience.

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