Adults Are Just As Susceptible To Cavities As Kids

Adults Are Just As Susceptible To Cavities As Kids

Many people believe that cavities are a dental problem that only kids have to deal with. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. Reaching adulthood does not grant immunity to cavities, even if a person has never had a cavitybefore. In fact, adults must often deal with new problems, such as tooth ageing and dry mouth, which can greatly increase the risk of cavities and tooth decay.

While it is always of utmost importance to maintain good dental hygiene, even the cleanest teeth will age. As teeth age, the crown often becomes weak and the tooth roots may become exposed. Not only are these symptoms often painful, when left untreated, weak crowns and exposed roots become a breeding ground for bacteria which leads to cavities.

Many adults also complain of dry mouth, a symptom that is quite uncomfortable and needs to be treated before it leads to additional problems. It may seem unimportant, but saliva actually acts as a natural barrier against harmful bacteria in the mouth. Without enough of it, a patient is at increased risk for both cavities and periodontal disease, two serious issues that will need to be addressed.

Most adults know they must remain diligent about their dental hygiene and eating habits to prevent the formation of harmful bacteria on the teeth. However, simply brushing and flossing alone will not prevent cavities completely. In addition to home care, regular visits to the dentist are imperative to prevent cavities and tooth decay. With dental offices furnished with modern dental equipment that can find and treat potential problems early rather than waiting for uncomfortable symptoms to occur, visiting the dentist can be a comfortable experience. We are able to detect early signs of decay in a tooth using a laser decay finder before a patient ever feels any pain.

With regular visits to our office, you can rest assured that your dental health is in good hands. We aim to detect potential issues before they become painful or cause cavities and tooth decay. Our goal is to keep all of our patients free from dental pain and to help them maintain their natural teeth for life.

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Fiona Strobach blogs about the importance of health, the dental care industry and the various medical procedures that are available today to help us live better. For those who are looking for the best Toronto Dentist, Fiona recommends the Dawson Dental Cambridge centre for quality work and friendly staff and residents in Kitchener can respectively visit for more details on their local clinic.


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