Social Security Disability: Understanding Your Rights As a Disabled Person

As an American citizen, you have Social Security rights, and no one can or should tell you any differently. In fact, Social Security is the biggest of many federal programs offering help and assistance to persons who suffer from disabilities. Of course, in order to qualify for benefits under this federal program, you have to qualify for eligibility by having proof of a medical issue and proof that you’re suffering from a disability. There are two types of benefits with regard to Social Security if you’re an American: Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

What Is Social Security Disability Insurance?

According to The Law Center for Social Security Rights, Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program that will offer qualifying people assistance if they suffer from a recognized disability. This federal program will pay out benefits to you and even specific members of your family if you are insured. In order to qualify as an insured individual, you have to satisfy a certain criterion. The criterion is that you had to have worked for a sufficient enough length of time and also paid your Social Security taxes. More people than you might expect have to use this program because, according to the official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration, there is a 30 percent chance for a 20-year-old worker to suffer a disability before he reaches retirement.

What Is Supplement Security Income?

Supplemental Security Income is the other one of the two big federal programs that provide necessary assistance to folks who have endured disabilities. In essence, this federal program just pays out benefits based on the financial requirement of the individual. It is interesting to point out that this specific federal program is funded by the revenues collected from general taxes, and not from Social Security taxes. It’s meant to offer help to blind, disabled and aged people who don’t have sufficient income or who have no income at all. It offers cash to allow folks to buy shelter, clothing and food.

Applying For Either Program

A person who applies for either program is subject to certain requirements. For instance, the U.S. government is going to collect medical and additional information from you in order to determine whether or not you qualify for this specific government program. Before you can qualify under this program, you have to first satisfy the administration’s definition of Social Security disability. Even people who have been denied benefits under this program have the chance to appeal the decision and then ask for a review, in the hopes of eventually qualifying for disability benefits down the road.

As a disabled individual, you have rights under the Social Security program. One of these Social Security rights is that you have a right to get disability assistance if you qualify for them under the definition utilized by this program. There are two main programs that the Social Security Administration operates for people: the Social Security Disability Insurance program and the Supplemental Security Income program. Even if you are denied one of them, you still have a right to an appeal.


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