The Importance of Taking Breaks During Your Workday

Do you take regular breaks during your workday? If not, you may be overworking yourself mentally and physically. Skipping breaks negatively impacts your productivity, health, and stress levels, so it’s important to remember to take them. Keep reading to discover the importance of taking breaks during your workday and the benefits these rests can have for you and your work.

Boosts Productivity

While taking a moment to step away from your work may not feel productive, having a period of rest helps you come back to your materials feeling refreshed and reenergized. Workers who take breaks come back more focused and motivated to get back to work. You can also take a moment to assess your day and update your goals for the workday and week. When you take your break to check your phone or complete other non-work tasks, it can also help prevent these distractions from cropping up while you’re working.

Reduces Stress

Taking regular breaks is key to managing your stress at work. Taking short breaks throughout the day allows employees to decompress from a full schedule and heavier workloads. Try to spend your break participating in an activity you enjoy, such as going on a walk, doing some stretches, reading a short book passage, and more. Giving your mind a rest during a stressful day will help relieve some of that stress and help you come back to your workload feeling refreshed.

Keeps Work-Life Balance

Taking breaks at work can also help you navigate any non-work duties or stresses. Especially now, when increasing numbers of employees are working from home, it’s important to maintain a work-life balance. Running a quick errand on your break or lunch, making a personal call, or doing chores around the house if you work from home can all help you maintain this balance.

Reduces Injuries

Any job, from a factory worker to a desk job, can lead to injuries. When overworked, employees are more likely to injury themselves or perform carelessly. This is why regular breaks throughout the day are important, as they give employees a chance to rest, stretch, and regain their strength. Breaks also reduce the chances of employees overworking themselves and getting sick or risking further injury.

Most employers understand the importance of taking breaks during your workday, and now you will too. If you’re not sure about your company’s break policy, ask your supervisor or an HR representative to clear up the confusion. All that’s left to do is make sure you take your breaks as scheduled and needed and reap the physical and mental health benefits.

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