How To Treat Insomnia Without Medication

Making sure you get enough sleep at night is one of the best things you can do for your health, but it’s not always easy. If you’ve ever dealt with insomnia, you know that falling asleep and staying asleep can often be difficult.  Although there is nothing wrong with using medication to help you sleep, some people might want to look for other types of treatment for insomnia. With that in mind, here is your guide on how to treat insomnia without medication.

Practice Proper Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene comprises all of the habits relating to your sleep. Some ways that you can practice proper sleep hygiene are to follow a consistent sleep schedule each day, go to sleep at the same time each night, and only use your bed for sleeping so that whenever you tuck yourself in, your mind starts to become sleepy. These tips will help you follow a consistent routine that will make you fall asleep easier and get enough hours of high-quality sleep at night.

Get Regular Massages

Sometimes you might struggle to fall asleep if you are physically uncomfortable. One of the biggest sources of sleep disturbance stems from muscle tension throughout your body. This tension can build up if you don’t stretch enough or have too much stress in your day-to-day life.

Thankfully, you can relieve this tension by getting massages regularly. You can go to your local massage parlor and work with a professional, or you can purchase a massage chair for your home. Relieving your body from pain and stress can help you fight insomnia at home.

Avoid Things That Disturb Sleep

In addition to practicing proper sleep hygiene, you will want to avoid things that may keep you up at night if you want to fight insomnia. For this reason, you should avoid any caffeine in the afternoon, so no coffee, energy drinks, or soda. Caffeine-free tea might help you sleep, but tea with caffeine will have the opposite effect.

Also, although alcohol might make you sleepy, it can lead to lower quality sleep and wake you up late at night. Finally, too much screen time before you go to bed can lead to insomnia, so try to turn off your TV and computer at least one hour before bedtime.

Overall, you don’t have to let insomnia turn nighttime problems into daytime problems. Now that you know how to treat insomnia without medication, you can sleep better and enjoy a happy, healthy life.

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