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May, 2012

  • 2 May

    The Perfect Beauty Brush Off

    Every woman should have a well-stocked cosmetic bag filled with tools that each has one shared goal, to make a woman look her absolute best. A woman’s collection of beauty supplies should include things like foundation, pressed or loose powder, blush, bronzer, lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner and mascara. A …

April, 2012

  • 24 April

    How to get Healthy and Beautiful Teeth to be Proud of

    Have you been noticing your teeth aren’t as bright or healthy as you would like? A lot of people walk around not being confident with their smile, which can actually have an impact on the quality of life. Teeth are important for eating, talking, laughing, smiling and so many other …

  • 24 April

    Healthy Recipes to Reclaim Your Health

    Whether you have decided that you need to make healthy changes, or if you were turned down for coverage when you requested life insurance quotes online, it is never too early or late to address your diet. Food is the root of good and evil. It can help you live …

  • 18 April

    Is Diet Soda Just as Bad as Regular Soda?

    Every health buff knows that drinking a can of soda, with its overload of artificial sweeteners, is worse than consuming a tablespoonful of regular sugar. But what about these diet sodas? Are they really better alternatives for regular soda or is this just another advertising gimmick? New studies show that …

  • 18 April

    Alcohol Withdrawal: How To Gradually Cut Down On Your Alcohol Intake

    Many people have problems with alcohol. That does not mean that they are an alcoholic, but at times in someone’s life, especially during stressful times, they may find themselves drinking too much or too often. Even if they are not alcoholics, not getting this under control can lead to alcoholism. …

  • 18 April

    Compression Stockings For Dummies

    Compression stockings are designed to increase blood flow in your legs. There are several different types of these elastic stockings, anti-embolism and gradient compression stockings. Compression stockings are designed to help treat and prevent varicose veins, edema and many other vein problems. Being knowledgable about compression stockings before their use …

  • 18 April

    7 Fast-Foods That Causes Weight Gain

    With a hectic lifestyle and limited physical activity, obesity has become one of the major concerns for people at least in the developed countries. Not only does it create a poor self image but also is one of the main reasons behind various lifestyle related diseases including stroke and heart …

March, 2012

  • 13 March

    Sleep is Golden for College Students

    As a college student, one of the most prized and valuable commodities is sleep. If you are a college student and you average about 7 hours a night of sleep, you are one of the lucky ones. Other college students manage to sleep a lot less, and always wish that …

  • 13 March

    Story Of A Victim Of Low Self Esteem

    As others would define me, I was a high- spirited man of a jolly nature. I agreed with them. I loved being happy and spreading happiness around me. After all, that is our only support in this nerve-wrecking pace of life. However, I was unaware of God’s plan for me. …

January, 2012

  • 6 January

    I Have To Eat What?! 5 Ways To Simplify Becoming Vegetarian

    As with most things in life, transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle is as easy or as difficult as you make it. With a well thought out plan, it’s very easy to go veggie. If, though, you try to jump into the lifestyle with both feet and a blindfold, you’ll almost …