Superfoods That Everyone Should Eat More Often

Everyone needs food to lead fulfilling lives. However, due to the increase in artificial flavorings, sugars, and other man-made ingredients, some foods that we once knew to be healthy really aren’t. Nowadays, many foods create serious health issues that can become permanent; ailments such as inflammation don’t disappear. Instead of facing the challenges of living with these health problems, learn to live healthily with this list of superfoods that everyone should eat more often.


Vegetables don’t only come from the land—they also come from the sea. Seaweed is among the many sea vegetables you probably haven’t thought to add to your diet. Popular in dishes such as sushi, salads, and soups, this nutrient-rich veggie is packed with the strongest vitamins you need for your daily health and well-being, including vitamin K, folate, iodine, and fiber. Consuming this product reduces your risk of cancer.

However, seaweed can be tough to add to your diet due to its unique taste. But with the right tips to add seaweed into your diet, you’ll find innovative ways to include it in meals and fun snacks recipes.


Garlic is a smelly plant that many people worldwide love to consume. Most people may not know that this superfood plant contains many health benefits as well as nutrients such as vitamin C and manganese. If you don’t think you’d like garlic straight from the ground, you can grind or mince it to add to your dishes. You can gain plenty of enrichment from this tasty plant.


Turmeric is a root used worldwide and a common ingredient in Indian dishes such as curry, soup, and rice. Compared to other foods, turmeric is best when it’s not pre-ground—this is because grinding causes it to lose many of its minerals and nutrients meant to reduce inflammation.

When turmeric is cut up, though, it cooks better and your body has a better time absorbing its properties. Your diet can benefit from this delicious spice if you suffer from an autoimmune disease such as arthritis or Crohn’s.


The best fish you can eat is salmon. Even if you don’t enjoy the taste, combining it with something else—such as a salad or pasta—can hide the fish taste better. You’ll still absorb the essential nutrients, including plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation in the body.

All things aside, salmon is expensive, and it may have contamination issues, so eating this fish only every other week is best.

Before adding any of these superfoods to eat more often to your diet, consult a doctor first. Depending on your health, you might have dietary restrictions limiting your food intake. Consult with your doctor on alternatives to add to your diet.


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