Step Away from the Fork: 5 dieting tips that just might work

I’m chubby. Actually, that’s not true. According to the latest BMI calculators, I’m obese. I don’t believe it and, quite honestly, you can’t make me. I wear a size 12, I’m 5’6” tall and my waist band is a comfortable 32”. Yes, that may be an over share but I want you to understand that I’m not delusional. I simply do not buy into the fact that I can plug my height and weight into some miscellaneous calculator on the internet and be labeled obese. I am not obese.

Admittedly, though, I could stand to lose ten or twenty pounds. At my thinnest, I was 128 and at my largest, 189. I have been at my current weight, 150, for several years without dieting or watching what I shove into my face. I like to think that this is where my body is comfortable. And, at closer to 40 than 30, I’ve learned to be satisfied with what I look like. Somewhat.

Move over Atkins and get out of the way Jenny, here is how I plan to lose ten pounds. If you consider my ways, I think you’ll find them quite doable. You might even consider joining me in my quest to be labeled as merely overweight.

Cook for One
I have a tough time cooking for myself. I always cook like I’m feeding an army of men. I plan on cooking less or, at the very least, freezing more. Better yet, I’ll not cook at all and stick to bowls of cereal. Or Chinese take-away. Coming from a family of four, I’ve not quite mastered the art of cooking small meals and, because there are starving kids in China, I tend to eat what I cook.

Use Smaller Plates
I’ve traveled to England and France and the difference in the way the stick-thin eat is amazingly simple. They don’t use Frisbees for plates. In both countries, portion sizes were actual servings; not five servings heaped on a large plate and called a portion. I’m going to smash my dinner plates and use my salad plates instead. It’s got to work, right?

Step Away from the Fork
Granted, if I put down my fork I can eat with my spoon, or my knife, or my fingers for that matter. However, as an adult, I’m quite sure that I know when I’m full. Rather than eating the third piece of cheesecake because the first two were so good, I’m going to put down my fork, push myself away from the table and head off to do something else. I know, though, that the cheesecake is going to be whispering my name, fork or no fork.

Get out of the Chip Bag
I’m a bad eater. I don’t eat six small meals a day. In fact, I don’t even eat two small meals a day. I eat one large meal and then spend the rest of the day inside of a bag of chips. If we’re being honest, it would probably be easier for me to just strap the chips to my head like a feedbag. So, instead of grazing on chips and pretzels all day long, I’m going to make myself cook several small meals throughout the day. Or eat several bowls of carrots throughout the day. Whatever works, right?

Get off My Butt
I’m not lazy. I work two jobs and go to school full-time. Somehow, that movement isn’t enough to help me shed weight. Ridiculous! Instead of driving my car a block away to buy my chips, I’m going to walk. And buy a box of cereal. Or maybe I’ll ride my bike. But I definitely won’t drive my car.
Point is, get moving and eat less. Seems simple right? Apparently you burn the most fat when you’re sleeping so I am all about that concept as well. Whatever way I decide to go about it, I plan on finding the best way to bake my cake and eat it too.

Author Genevieve Pomilia is a nutritional consultant and fitness expert. She strongly recommends the 28 day mediterranean diet plan for great family health and active lifestyles. Check here for a free acid reflux diet plan


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