Altering Our DNA With Super Foods

Genetic research has come a very long way; and new discoveries linking our skin and nutrition may mean that our skin can look better than we ever thought possible. There is saying that says the path to younger looking skin starts in the grocery store; and recent studies have shown that compounds found in certain foods can slow the process of aging by directly turning on and off the genes that regulate activities like collagen production and inflammation response; bringing new meaning to the term “you are what you eat”.

The latest trends in anti aging skin care is infusing creams and serums with ingredients that can reverse DNA damage; while not able to completely rid us of our fine lines and wrinkles, but making our skin operate like it did when it was younger. The performance of our genes and the resilience of our skin is largely up to us; as lifestyle and diet choices influence the way our genes behave; and further determines whether the crows feet our mothers and grandmothers have, will show up on our faces. Studies have shown that if DNA is damage, the right lifestyle choices can repair the injury before it worsens.

Foods rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients which are found in abundance in fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices boosts protective enzymes in our skin cells. Studies have shown that only do antioxidants correct wrinkles, brown spots and skin cancer; but it can protect our genes, thereby bolstering our skin cells and preventing inflammation, a major culprit in aging. On the contrary sugar and trans fatty acids accelerate the onset on wrinkles, dullness and enlarged pores. The effects of eating a healthy diet can be seen immediately; further confirming that making the right choices on a daily basis lays the groundwork for great skin every day!

Taking care of our skin starts on the inside; but taking care of our complexion topically can help combat external factors that contribute to aging skin. However, the effectiveness of topical treatments depends on the penetration of the active ingredients. Science is working diligently to understand the elements of aging in order to create products that can definitively alter our genes; because one thing is for sure, the key to anti aging lies within our genetics.

Our bodies are creating new cells all the time; but the process gets slower as we age. Altering DNA and repairing damage can begin at any time, obviously the sooner the better; but if we give our bodies the raw materials to build new collagen- it will. Here is a list of super foods that our genes will benefit from.

  •  Watercress

This is a cruciferous vegetable that has been found to repair DNA. A daily serving increase the ability of blood cells to resist additional DNA damage. Add this to a smoothie or toss in a salad.

  •  Cinnamon

Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar and is packed with phytonutrients that ease the wrinkling effects of insulin spikes; it has also been shown to enhance cellular function.

  • Berries

Not surprisingly, berries make the list. The pigments that give berries their deep hue are powerful anthocyanins that activate the natural protective mechanisms of our cells, helping minimize collagen damage.

  •  Salmon

This fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids; and is high in collagen boosting protein and antioxidants that reverses damage from free radicals.

  •  Cocoa

Cocoa stops the production of inflammatory substances called arachidonic acid; it also protects the skin from the effect of sun exposure.

Bianca Osbourne is a natural foods chef and freelance writer. She is passionate about a holistic approach to health and wellness. She writes and educates on using food as the best anti-aging skincare treatment.


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