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Introduction To Holism: All Components of a System Working Together

In order for a [Group] to succeed, all the componenets of that group must be working harmoniously and in sync in order to achieve the desired result or results.  In modern terms this can be applied to business, the economy, health, and many more sectors.  For example, in Holistic (Health) Medicine the principles and doctrines of self-healing and not just throwing a whole bunch of tablets, pills and “caplets”(no capsules after the tampering incident).  Personally I have dedicated and devoted my current mindset to creating a holistic environment in which multiple separate parts can act as one uniform “body” that can self-heal and adapt itself to the outside environment and third party hosts.


Image Information:

This Design Signifies the power Of mother nature.

Mother Nature has the power to Stand in our way Of Existence, and restore the balance !

By this symbolic Design work, i want to convey only one message :

Stop Fiddling with Nature, Or Nature Knows how to be a Roadblock To Our Existence !

Credit: akshay moon

From Wikipedia.org

Holism (from ὂλος holos, a Greek word meaning all, whole, entire, total) is the idea that all the properties of a given system (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic, etc.) cannot be determined or explained by its component parts alone. Instead, the system as a whole determines in an important way how the parts behave.

In Branding:

A holistic brand (also holistic branding) is considering the entire brand or image of the company. For example a universal brand image across all countries, including everything from advertising styles to the stationery the company has made, to the company colours.

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