Tips for Staying Sober During Difficult Times

Whether it has been a bad week or a bad year, staying sober during difficult times is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Relapsing during a vulnerable moment may seem like the quick fix that you need to get over a hurdle, but there are positive outlets for that frustration and ways to overcome alcoholism.

Staying Sober: Know What Triggers You

What are the thoughts and emotions that make you want to turn to drinking? What causes those feelings? These are the questions that you must ask yourself in order to take control of your situation.

Knowing the answers will help you navigate through the day, and you can catch yourself before the urges happen. It can be a place that triggers you, it can be people you know, or it can be anything around you. It is important to know what these triggers are and, if necessary, remove them from your life.

Staying Sober: Engage in Your Favorite Activities

Finding something that you are passionate about will help you to take your mind off of whatever circumstances surround you. It can either be exercising, a hobby like drawing, or spending your time volunteering to help others.

These activities will give you a sense of direction, purpose, and accomplishment when everything is said and done. You are actively building toward something positive, whether it is a healthier lifestyle, developing skills, or making others’ lives easier.

Disengage From Harmful Social Media

Social media can be a place where you can connect with communities of people who are going through similar situations. But it can also be a place of negativity that reinforces detrimental thoughts and behaviors. You will be constantly exposed to thoughts, news stories, and events that may trigger your stress and may lead to you relapsing.

Finding the good on social media is important to staying sober during difficult times, and seeing the bad can make a hard situation worse. Avoiding these traps is important, and that may mean staying away from social media for a while until you are confident that you can see those types of things without feeling the need to drink.

There are resources available to you to overcome your addiction, and there are always positive outlets to help you get through tough circumstances.

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