Skateboarding – Aerobic exercise to the extreme

Skateboarding can work your muscles and give you the Aerobic exercise of your dreams

Staying happy and content is not so hard when you find something that you really like. Whether you decide to skate through town on your way to work, cruise down the block on a Sunday to get a breakfast burrito or decide to go to the local skatepark it is great exercise.

Many people do not realize the intensity that skateboarding has in terms of working on your muscles. Remaining balanced on a moving surface like a skateboard requires not only the work of your legs but your upper body and the focus of your mind. What’s even more is that you also have to keep pushing yourself to keep speed, unless you happen to be training or skating down a hill. Should you have gone down that hill, you will likely have to walk or skate up; yet again some exercise. Skating can be a fun way to practice your moves before the winter time on the slopes with more forgiving snow or just some fun times with friends.

There are many local skate parks these days in almost every city and they have some pre-designed elements that can make skating more fun. There are generally a few types of skating; one is trick skating the other is more relaxed in the form in long boarding. Either way whether you are tricking or cruising they can both burn some calories. For some quick calorie burning fun we recommend “pumping” for speed in the bowls at your local skatepark. Essentially using your speed to go up and down ramps without having to push again after your initial first pushes and riding around the park as if it is a wave, a concrete wave that is!

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