Salt your diet's new best friend and here's why

Salt, Salt, Salt what are you going to do with it?

Well everybody in this world SHOULD be very very very familiar with Salt. Not only is it included in almost every type of meal in one way or another but it is also cost effective. Today we are bringing you some dietary and nutrition tips that involve salt.

Salt is something that you can put on almost any meal whether it is pasta, salad, or even chips and it can add a lot of flavor. In fact plain pasta with salt actually does taste pretty good. Perhaps add a little bit of olive oil and there you go, no major calories from sauces and cheeses and the like. We would like to bring up the point that a big package of salt is only a few dollars and may last you months or a year as a topping for many of your foods.

Although there is a lot of controversy sometimes over how much salt is good or bad for you in general salt has been included in peoples diets for hundreds and even thousands of years now at this point, safely. As with anything in this world moderation is key and you must watch your intake of anything. Even vitamin C or EVEN GUMMY VITAMINS can be deadly for you if you take too much. We are not doctors but a tablespoon or two a day on your food is a good way to cut down on other toppings and even increase your salt intake a little.

When you have heart problems they generally do not recommend having a lot so be careful if you have heart conditions. Other than that we have heard that Salt water can be great for your immune system and fighting colds.


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