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Eating healthy and on a budget


Eating healthy does not mean that you have to break the bank

We are going to bring you several ways today that you can eat healthy without spending a lot of money. In a day and age where people sacrifice their health for “fast food” that they assume is cheap, they are really doing a disservice to their wallet as well as their body.

When we went to the Super Market to find out the pricing of some general products for this review we were shocked to see just how low the cost per meal can be when you buy the right products. So where should we star?

Eggs, and lots of them

Everybody is familiar with Eggs. They are included in almost type of food that is out there today but people vastly underestimate their power as not only a health source but as a budget saver. Let’s take the average “fast food” meal of a hamburger, fries and a drink. Well first off, this is Happy Healthy Hub so were going to suggest you have water rather than sugared up corn starch soda’s anyway. Even if you do find a healthy drink at a fast food place, which we doubt in the first place unless it is a smoothie place, then you would still be better off with water anyways. This sample “meal”, HA HA HA, would likely cost you around $5 correct? Perhaps a $1-4 burger. Well about 18  eggs only costs about $3.00. WOW! Right?

This $3 of eggs, 18 eggs that is or more sometimes, can mean 9 meals of 2 eggs or even 6 meals of 3 eggs. Heck feeling like feeding a family or big servings of around 4-5 eggs? Well thats still 2-3 big meals from that $3. You can add some salt, pepper, and some of your favorite health or other sauces to spice up the eggs or have some healthy food on the side such as a fruit or other side dish.

We suggest spending another $2-3 on tortillas and storing them in your refrigerator so they last  a while. This will likely include 10-20 tortillas which you can use for even more meals or to make that 2 eggs still fill you up.


Try it out! Let us know your favorite egg recipes below!

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