Top Outdoor Sports To Enjoy This Spring

The plants are blooming, the birds are singing, and you need to get rid of the cabin fever you’ve developed these past several months. The best way to do that is with physical fitness activities that combine challenging workouts with fresh air and sunshine. Do you need some ideas on how to best enjoy the season? Here are the top outdoor sports to enjoy this spring.

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Running requires very little equipment and a lot of miles. Get started by picking a destination to run to or a place where you can run while surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Work your way up to a goal that’s several months off, like a mini-marathon or fun run, and slowly work your way up to the level you need to be at to participate. Running is good for your entire body, from strengthening your heart and lungs to building strength and endurance. It’s good for the mind as well, becoming a meditative experience as you run.


Take your pick of the several types of bicycling available, but if you’re interested in competition, consider long-distance cycling, racing, or mountain biking. All different types of cycling share a need for a few pieces of essential gear. A bicycle, of course, is your biggest piece of bicycling equipment. When you buy one—whether you’re getting into touring, racing, downhill, or stunt riding—have the store staff adjust it to your measurements to ensure you’re operating at peak efficiency and with minimal to no injuries. Helmets, protective photochromic cycling glasses, repair kits, and various forms of body protection are all available to you to ensure your safety. When the weather gets nice, mount up and head out for a physically challenging and visually pleasing ride.


If running or cycling isn’t for you, slow down and take it all in while hiking. Hiking can be urban, in the wild, or somewhere in-between, like a large city park or nature center. No matter where you live, there are several thousand acres of natural wonder to explore—perhaps even with the option for camping with whatever you can carry. Stretch out and beef up your leg muscles while meditating with the quiet sounds and beauty of your surroundings.

Rock Climbing

When considering the top outdoor sports to enjoy this spring, get in touch with nature and the great outdoors through rock climbing. With the proper training and safety equipment, you’ll garner up close and panoramic views of nature’s wonder and glory. You’ll also get a challenging and sometimes punishing workout that will put you in touch with your inner space and nature. Start small with rock walls at a fitness center and then work your way up to a higher level.

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