6 Healthy Hobbies for Relieving Stress

Not everyone has the best approach to stress management. If you struggle to alleviate tension of the mind and body, check out these six healthy hobbies for relieving stress.

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Before mentally proposing a rebuttal, know that nobody has to be “good” at dancing to enjoy it! If you’re going to utilize cardio as a way to destress, you might as well participate in one of the most fun forms of it.

But dancing isn’t just entertaining. There are plenty of health benefits to dancing that are worth your consideration. So, throw on your favorite playlist or album and get your groove on.


Routine yoga practice has substantial benefits for the body and mind. This calming practice can improve your posture, increase your strength, metabolism, and blood flow, and release built-up stress.

A huge aspect of yoga that most yogis appreciate is that it’s all about expanding your practice at a pace that feels best for you. So, there’s no need to feel apprehensive about trying yoga if you’re unfamiliar; it’s a practice that’s made to work for you!

Giving Back

Something as simple as paying for the coffee order behind you in the drive-thru can do wonders for your mood. There are a lot of reasons why giving feels good, which may just inspire you to do so more often.

Getting in Nature

You don’t have to book a weekend trip to Yosemite (though that’d be awesome) to enjoy nature’s beauty. A short walk through a forest preserve or local nature exhibit can do wonders for your mental health. Placing yourself in Mother Nature’s midst for a brief 20 minutes can significantly calm the mind, making it one of the six healthy hobbies for relieving stress.

Drawing or Painting

Flex your creative muscles and pick up a notebook and a pen or some paint. Dedicating time to watch your creativity unfold can be a very relieving activity, even for the most “right-brained” people.


When the world around you becomes too much, bury yourself in a good book. Not only is expanding your literary horizons a healthy mechanism to alleviate stress, but it also improves brain connectivity and can expose you to a swath of new perspectives.

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