Kid-Friendly Vegan Options

Kid-Friendly Vegan Options

A lot of people are turning to a vegan lifestyle for health or personal reasons. There are so many things that you can eat while on this type of diet, but you will find that if you have kids it can be hard to find something that they will eat. The term vegan may sound scary to kids, but in reality, there are so many different recipes out there that kids will absolutely love. If you are looking for kid-friendly vegan recipes then this is the place to find them.

The options for food while on this type of diet are endless. Below I am going to list some kid vegan recipes. Not only will your child love to eat these, but they will also want to be involved in making them.

Creamy Mac And Cheese

Mac and Cheese is always a crowd favorite! There is a special kick to this Mac and Cheese though, you actually will not be using cheese! Instead, you will be using things like coconut milk, raw cashews, carrots, potatoes, and more. You can find this full recipe here.

kid-friendly vegan recipe

Grilled Cheese

Another great option is the kid-friendly vegan grilled cheese! Once again there is absolutely no cheese in this sandwich! Instead, you will be enjoying the crispy, crunchy, delicious taste of vegetables in this sandwich. It contains carrots, onions, and potatoes! You can find this recipe here. 

Popcorn Chicken

Every kid loves popcorn chicken, right? What’s better than a popcorn chicken snack? Instead of using chicken you are going to use soy chunks. Trust me, you cannot taste the difference! It’s amazing! This recipe is easily found here

These are just some of the recipes that are easily found and readily available. It is not hard to do a quick internet search and come up with recipes that your whole family will absolutely love. Kids are sometimes more skeptical about trying new foods but they will quickly learn that the vegan lifestyle has lots of options to choose from.

The recipes that you can choose from are absolutely endless. There are even recipes for things like chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy, and pizza.  You will be able to find recipes even for the pickiest eaters.

The idea of changing to a vegan lifestyle can seem stressful and like it will be difficult, but it won’t be. It is actually a very easy and stress-free transition. There are so many kid vegan recipes out there that make this transition so easy for families.

More and more families are going to continue turning to this type of lifestyle so things are only going to become easier for them.  A vegan lifestyle is not for everyone, but it is something that is becoming more widely known and accepted.

Read more about healthy lifestyles here.


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