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According to an article on the iPhone5Release.org website Apple is planning to build 25 millions iPhone 5’s in 2011. The iPhone 5 is the latest update to the iPhone 4 that has been out for over a year now. This year the iPhone 4 became open to other cell phone carriers such as Verizon rather than solely AT&T within the United States at least. It is most probably that the iPhone will be launched to several networks at once simultaneously but I would not put it past Apple Inc to some how try some marketing tactic for the Buzz and stagger the launch dates for each carrier and such.

Current iPhone 4
Current iPhone 4

The release date for the iPhone 5 is now rumored and said to be in October whereas prior many were expecting a September release. Sources on the internet are saying that some of Apple’s suppliers and manufacturers for the parts have released some of these hints. Foxconn, is the main global producer for a lot of the iPhones and they are going to have to really kick up and accelerate the development of them to meet such a lofty goal as 25 million phones which is not very easy when you consider the complexity and delicate nature of these powerful and expensive devices.

Suppliers to Foxconn are supposedly trying to get their shipments in by August so that the manufacturer outsourcer can really start pumping these babies out. Apple ofcourse has not released much information, …as usual… , and will likely not release much more information until just right before the launch. It will be interesting this year to see how many people get the new iPhone versus trying to go for something new like the Android phones which are now just as powerful if not more powerful than many iPhones in terms of memory and CPU and other factors included these days. The Motorola Atrix for example included a full GB of ram nearly doubling that of the iPhone 4’s memory and that was already months and months ago so it will be interesting to see how Apple is going to push the limits this round.

There are also other new expected features such as more gestures being added to the user interface of the new operating system for iPhones and iPads which will be used instead of hardware buttons.

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