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Helpful Tips for Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Tips for Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Having a solar power system is a great way to get a sustainable source of power. Some homeowners use solar energy for backup power, while others may try to run their whole home on green energy. But no matter how much energy you use or what type of setup you have, maintaining your solar panels is crucial to keep things running. An important factor in maintaining your system is keeping your panels clean. Here are some helpful tips for cleaning your solar panels that make maintenance easy to stay on top of.

Use the Right Cleanser

Finding the right cleaner for your solar panels is an important factor in keeping them in good condition. You want to avoid strong detergents or soaps because the chemicals may damage the glass protecting your solar cells, making them less effective and more likely to need replacing. We recommend finding an eco-friendly soap because it will keep your glass in good shape, and the water from rinsing it off won’t damage your grass or any local wildlife.

Tips for Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Avoid Abrasive Materials

One helpful tip for cleaning your solar panels is to use the right material to wipe it down. Your panels will collect a lot of dirt, dust, and pollen over time. Therefore, cleaning your panels is a vital step in minimizing solar panel system shading and getting the most power out of your investment. We recommend using a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. You want to avoid anything that’s too abrasive because rougher materials can cause scratches and eventually damage the protective glass.

Dry Appropriately

After washing your solar panels, we highly recommend wiping them down. If you dry them properly, you may avoid ending up with streaks that can make your panels less effective. An easy drying method is to use a squeegee or chamois cloth to wipe the panels down in simple motions. After giving your clean panels a once-over to clear them off, the sun can handle any remaining drying.


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