Healthy Caffeine Alternatives to Perk You Up

Healthy Caffeine Alternatives to Perk You Up

We all know it well: The afternoon slump. It hits most people sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. You feel like you can’t go on. Visions of curling up under your office desk “George Costanza-style” are foremost on your mind, or if you could just close your eyes for five minutes, perhaps the urge would pass.

Since most of us don’t have the luxury of afternoon naps after the age of four, we’ve developed other methods to get us through the long afternoon. For some this involves massive amounts of caffeine, while others opt for healthier alternatives. Since caffeine isn’t necessarily recommended in large doses on a regular basis, perhaps we could all benefit from a few healthier alternatives to perk-up during the midday slump.

Get Adequate Sleep

Make sure you are getting adequate sleep each night, which is anywhere around seven to eight hours. Try to keep your bed times and rise times fairly consistent. If you are sure you are getting enough sleep, you can rule out any other potential problems that might be causing you to feel so drowsy. If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep, try turning off the television, and other stimulating things about one-half hour before turning in.


It’s important to squeeze a little physical activity into each day. It will wake you up, and get your blood flowing, which will give you a renewed sense of energy. Whether you do it right when you wake up in the morning, in the afternoon, or before bed, a regular exercise routine will keep you feeling healthy and invigorated. Avoid extreme exercise right before bed, as this can cause wakefulness. Give your body an hour or so to cool down after a workout before turning in for the night.

Ginkgo Biloba

You’ve probably heard of this popular herbal supplement, used to treat everything from memory loss to sexual dysfunction. Well, it can also give you a natural boost of energy. You can take it in the form of a capsule, or drink it as a tea. This might be just the thing to ease that afternoon drowsiness, or to get you going in the morning.

Eat Fruit

Many fruits contain high levels of fructose, giving the body a natural energy boost. Apples, grapes, peaches, and citrus fruits have the highest levels of fructose, and are also high in Vitamin C. You might not feel exactly the same caffeine rush you get from coffee, soda, or an energy drink, but this is a healthy, 100 percent natural alternative that your body just might thank you for in the long run.

Activate Your Mind

Try losing yourself in your work or an important project when the drowsiness sets in. Sometimes your mind just needs to be energized in order for the body to forget that it is tired. Try engaging in something that is particularly interesting to you or something where you need to think creatively.


Take a few minutes to give-in to the drowsiness when you’re feeling the urge. Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position, and breathe. Focus on deep breaths filling up your lungs, and then slowly push the air out using your diaphragm. Visualize all the sleepiness and lethargy leaving your body with each breath.

It’s amazing how much better you can feel with these natural energy boosting alternatives. Not only do they help you feel more energetic, but they make it easier to stick to your 17 day diet or other healthy eating plan. Learn more healthy dieting tips at


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