4 Reasons for Laser Hair Removal

What is the one thing that both men and women are both self-conscious about when it comes to their body?  Body hair!  I can’t count the amount of times I decided to wear a skirt, walked out the door only to return the next second because I was sporting more leg hair than a guy.  Or maybe an instance where you spent the whole day making sure you never lifted your arms above your chest because you forgot to shave your armpits.  I could go on and on with the different embarrassing scenarios in regards to having excessive unwanted body hair.  Many people are considering laser hair removal as a safe option to take care of unwanted hair.  To give you an insight of why more and more men and women are choosing laser hair treatment,
Everyone has heard of laser hair removal or known someone who has received laser hair removal sessions.  People often think that laser hair removal procedure is excessive and unnecessary.  Despite the fact that it is a cosmetic treatment, there are many reasons for why it may just be a good idea for any man or woman who regularly spends time and money on maintaining a clean kept look.  If you have tossed the idea of laser hair removal around in your head but decided that it was a silly idea, here are the top 4 reasons why most people decide to invest in laser hair removal.

Unwanted Gooseflesh:
A common problem that people complain about when shaving is the appearance of having gooseflesh a day or two after shaving.  We all know that not only do they look unattractive, but they can also be somewhat painful.  Razor bumps and hairs that are ingrown is not a recipe for comfort.  Especially during winter or colder temperatures, women and men who depend on shaving often complain about itchy skin due to razor bumps.  To prevent razor burns, waxing and laser hair removal are both great options.

Money in the Bank:
How much do you think you spend to keep your body clear of body hair?  From razors, shaving cream, to waxing treatments, the average Americans spend on removing body hair is usually around $350!  Take that number and multiply it by about 40 years…the staggering number is 14,000!  Can you believe that for 40 years of buying razors, shaving cream, wax treatments equates to around 14,000?  Many people have realized the benefit of getting laser removal for unwanted body hair because it is permanent.  After a few sessions, spending at most a few thousand, you can have the luxury of hair free skin!

More Self Confidence:
Often times, looking good means feeling good about yourself.  When we constantly feel embarrassed for unwanted body hair, we feel self conscious about it.  Feeling self conscious about our bodies leads to decreased self confidence.  Some patients remarked on the increase in self confidence when they didn’t have to worry about sporting unwanted facial hair, underarm hair, and so forth.

The Hassle of Daily Shaving:
Depending on how your body grows out your hair, you may be fortunate enough to not have any body hair, or you might grow out Chewbacca hair over course of 2 days or so.  If you are in the first tier, consider yourself blessed with great genes, however if your blessed with bountiful body hair, you have to keep track of it on a day to day basis.  Remembering to shave and having to shave every single day can be a pain.  Shaving promotes more hair growth and requires constant maintenance.  Waxing gives you a few weeks of smooth skin depending on individuals.  Laser hair treatment allows permanent results.

Emily is a writer living in Atlanta.  In her free time she enjoys blogging about laser hair removal in Atlanta as well as keeping up with Look Young laser hair removal blog.


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