Bored in Class? Ways to Stay Fit While in Class

As a student, you are probably going to be doing a lot of sitting. It can get really tiring to just sit all day. If you are in college, you have probably heard about all of the weight gain that can happen while in college. If you want to combat the weight gain, here are some things that you can do while you are sitting down. Most of these are little things that you can do, but if you do them consistently, they can make a huge impact on your body. You can do these exercises while you are sitting in a lecture, or writing a paper.

1. Sit in a proper position. If you are writing a paper, or doing homework, it can be really easy to slouch. It makes sense that you want to be comfortable while are you doing any schoolwork. However, if you are slouching, you will get tired faster. You won’t want to do your paper, and you will waste time on Facebook. If you find that this is true. Make sure that you are sitting in the right position. Make sure that your back is straight, your shoulders are back, and that the top of the monitor is level with your eyes.

2. Stretching exercises. If you feel that you are getting really stressed out about the upcoming project that a professor is talking about, take some time to do some stretching exercises. Although you can just get up and start doing stretches (your professor and classmates will think that is weird) you can start doing stretches in your seat.

3. Give your eyes a break. If you are staring at a computer screen, make sure that you give your eyes a break every so often.

4. Buy some tools. Get some exercise bands and make sure that you use them at your desk (or when you are sitting in class).

5. Always drink water. Always have a water bottle on hand. If you want to stay alert during class, and while you are doing homework, make sure that you are drinking water. You will feel better about yourself, and you won’t be so inclined to eat lots of food.

These tips are easy enough to do. They don’t take long, and you will feel great about yourself. Being in college is hard enough, take care of yourself while you are in college with these simple tips.


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