Why Bike? Health and Economic Benefits of Biking

Biking for health benefits is re-gaining popularity as people are growing tired of being shut in and finding new ways to spend time outside while keeping a safe distance from each other.  Ironically, biking not only provides some exercise but can provide an easy commute to work, grocery store or pharmacy.  Biking will also save miles, and wear and tear on your car. It is especially useful if your shopping centers or places of work are nearby your home.

Washington D.C. is where the trend started. People have taken to it quickly as they take in the cherry trees in bloom and bike around the monuments and beautiful old sites and parks that make this city a sight to behold.

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Biking provides a change in scenery after long work hours spent staring at a screen. Biking for health is a good alternative calorie burn to the more strenuous forms of exercise such as running and hiking.  It is essential to get out and get your exercise with our diet changes, which include more processed food sources.

Families are biking together as a way to distract from what has become the new norm. While it may not be your favorite activity, you should consider this alternative way to get to work, exercise for weight management and even remove some of the stress that is now part of our everyday lives for the foreseeable future.

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