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5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Earthy

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Our living spaces often dictate how we feel—both physically and emotionally. For those dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, creating a sanctuary in the home that reflects those values is essential. This will not only help make your home look better, but it’ll also help you stay committed to your lifestyle. Discover five ways to make your home feel more earthy, allowing for a harmonious and wholesome environment for both you and your loved ones. Not to mention, your guests are sure to love the new look.

Integrate Natural Elements

One of the easiest methods for making your home feel more earthy is to incorporate nature into your space. Include a variety of plants to purify the air, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing aesthetic. From low-maintenance succulents to lush indoor trees, adding greenery throughout your living areas instantly enhances that earthy ambience.

Choose Sustainable Materials

Embrace eco-friendly materials and products in your home by choosing sustainable options. Bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton are just a few choices to consider when selecting fabrics and textiles. These materials not only contribute to your earthy aesthetic but also promote conscious consumption and support environmental conservation efforts.

Opt for Wood When Possible

Wood—a timeless and classic material—provides an authentic natural beauty. To make your home feel more earthy, consider using reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood for your furniture and decor. From wooden paneling on the walls to handcrafted furniture pieces, wood adds warmth and depth to any room, creating a cozy and grounded atmosphere. Just make sure you know how to mix wood tones like a pro before you start putting your space together.

Use Earth-Inspired Colors

Color can have a significant impact on how you perceive your surroundings. For a more earthy feel, decorate with a palette inspired by nature. Choose colors such as warm browns, rich greens, and deep blues to create an organic and soothing environment. Utilize neutral tones and muted shades to maintain a balanced and harmonious space.

Embrace Minimalism

Of course, an important detail of an earthy aesthetic is that it often emphasizes simplicity and functionality. When deciding on how to make your home feel more earthy, opt for a minimalist design to declutter your space and create a more calming atmosphere. By investing in fewer, higher-quality items and carefully curating your home environment, you’ll enhance the natural theme and simplify your daily life.


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