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5 Reasons to Ask – Can You Trust Your Doctor or Caregiver?


Doctor HandIt is vital to be able to trust your doctor or caregiver with your medical needs, but there are some situations when you need to question their judgment. After all, if you blindly follow their advice, it is possible that your health could suffer. Therefore, you should always question anything that seems odd to you, especially if it pertains to the following five scenarios.

Five Times to Question Procedure:

1) A Diagnosis without Testing – In some cases, it is very easy for a doctor to diagnosis an illness without running any tests. However, if you are diagnosed with a serious illness, you should definitely question your doctor if they are ready to give you a prescription before they even run any blood work.

2) Complaints That are not Investigated – If you have been experiencing a specific pain or other issue and your doctor does not take your complaint seriously, it is important to find out why. In some cases, they simply know that the issue is not serious. Whether you ask a Montana or a Maryland medical malpractice lawyer, you’ll hear that a practitioner should always at least listen to you and explain their decision about whether or not to run any tests.

3) Tests That Seem Unrelated – If you go to your doctor for a knee ache and they order an x-ray of your collarbone, you should speak up immediately. Although this is a drastic example, things like this do happen on a regular basis, and they are often the result of a miscommunication.

Prescription Prices Ver34) Multiple Drug Prescriptions – You should never assume that your doctor will double-check to make sure that your current and new medications will not create any adverse effects together. Instead, it is up to you to remind them of what you are taking and ask whether or not the two medications will mix well together.

5) Overlooked Standard Procedures – If your doctor suggests skipping standard testing that is age appropriate or starting you on a specific testing regimen way early in life, you should make sure that you understand the reasoning behind this decision.

Although most doctors and caregivers are very skilled, it is possible that they will make a mistake. If you are injured or become seriously ill due to the action or inaction of your physician, you should contact a medical malpractice attorney to learn about your legal rights.

Ann Bailey has reported multiple medical issues for news outlets and provides these reminders for anyone in doubt about their own medical practitioner’s procedures with their health. The Maryland medical malpractice lawyer is skilled at protecting their clients from improper medical care and procedures and any ill effects from them, and fights for proper compensation for all clients who may have been injured in medical malpractice situations.

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