An Overview of Female Libido Enhancement

Female-Libido-EnhancersWhether facing sexual dysfunction problems or simply a decreased libido, many women face these problems every day. Many reasons for a decrease in a woman’s libido can include: stress or psychological issues, self-image problems, women taking anti-depressants and even birth control pills can cause a lowered sex drive. Medicines that contain Serotonin Inhibitors can also cause the common side effect of reducing a woman’s libido. If you notice anything unusual going on, don’t be shy to speak with your doctor about it. Your doctor may discuss medical options for female libido enhancement.

One of the many common causes of a decreased libido is a disorder called Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (commonly referred to as HSDD). According to a study performed by Laumann and other members at the University of Chicago, they found that this was the most common reason for decreased libido in women ages 18-59. Other causes of a decreased libido during this study have been linked to pain during intercourse, and a difficulty to reach orgasm. There are several treatment options available when it comes to female libido enhancement. From the foods that you eat to recommended treatments monitored through your doctor or even homeopathic remedies, there is always an option for a woman‘s individual need.

From a wide variety of products, herbs and natural OTC medicines and creams there are many treatments for attaining an increase in libido. Even certain foods can have natural aphrodisiac effects in them. A list of great foods to try at home is: Watermelon, Chocolate (especially dark chocolate), Oysters, Asparagus, Banana’s, Garlic, Avocado’s, Nuts, Grapes, Fish and be sure to eat as many pumpkin seeds as you can when Halloween comes around! Many of these foods are packed rich in nutrients that help increase circulation and do many other amazing things that can help get things back to normal in the romance department.

As you can see, there are natural treatment options for female libido enhancement. If exercising and eating the wonderful libido-boosting foods listed above, or none of the OTC products are working, the next best thing that you can do is schedule a doctor’s appointment. Every woman’s body is different and requires different needs so make sure to do what is right for you. If you are taking certain medications, make sure to ask your doctor about taking any kind of libido enhancing medication, even if it is just an herbal supplement. Some over the counter remedies may not mix well with current medications you may be taking, so it‘s vital to speak with your doctor.

Whether you exercise or eat natural wholesome foods, try out a new cream or herbal supplement. There are many different successful libido therapy solutions to try at home. Sometimes it may be necessary for those who are not having success with at home remedies to contact their doctor for further treatment options.

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