5 Expenses That Go Up With Bad Health



We have to  face facts: living an unhealthy lifestyle can cost us dearly. The price  we pay in the loss of our way of life and our ability to interact with  our loved ones is a cost that we cannot put a price on. On top of that,  the financial costs are also overwhelming. Five expenses that go up with  bad health are:

Health insurance

Getting affordable health insurance when you are in bad health is  something that you will find very difficult. There are certainly insurance companies that will insursomeone if they have health issues;  however, the price on those policies is expensive. The more severe an  insurance company deems a health condition to be, the more money it will  cost to cover the person who has the condition.

The insurance company is set up to think about the amount of risk  they will incur when they issue a policy. Most health conditions require  extensive medical intervention and the insurance company will pay out a  large amount of money if they cover a person with these issues. The  insurance company passes this cost on to the insured for these health  insurance policies.

Life insurance

Health conditions that may not be apparent to the naked eye can  appear when you take your medical exam to qualify for life insurance. If  you have not been diligent in staying on top of your health and in  becoming aware of certain health issues, this can be surprising. A  failed medical exam can also mean that you will not obtain life  insurance.


One of the biggest health issues facing people today is being  overweight. Not only is carrying more weight than is medically suggested  dangerous for your heart and circulatory system, but it can also result  in your having to purchase new clothes each time you outgrow your  current ones. Typically, clothing that is larger costs more money.


Many health issues require that you take medicine on a regular basis  to manage them. Although health insurance can help out with some of  these costs, some medications are not completely covered by health  insurance policies. Because these medications may be necessary to  successfully navigate the illness, you would have to pay for the  medications out of pocket.


Several health conditions that result in bad health require a special  diet different from what you may be accustomed to eating. These  specialty diets can be expensive to maintain, but are necessary in  managing health issues. These items can add hundreds of dollars to your  grocery bill each month and will not be covered by health insurance  plans. The best way to avoid an increase in expenses due to bad health is to  live as healthy a lifestyle as you possibly can. Some health conditions  are unavoidable, but many others can be avoided by eating healthy foods,  not smoking, and making sure to get adequate exercise. Also, visit your  doctor on a regular basis for check-ups so that any health issues that  crop up can be managed from the onset.


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