SciCraze the best place for online health and science news


Scicraze, the new best place for science and health news

Hey guys, we recommend that you check out SciCraze. It is a great place online to check out articles about science and health it is where the two topics collide in an interesting way.

We had the opportunity of working with the owner Damilola on the design and initial content of it and already love the concept. In fact we plan on integrating Sci Craze into our Global Good Networks campaign that we are doing to promote the latest Intel STS event that went on yesterday in Washington, DC. As a science and technology event it is the perfect place for great minds to put out their thoughts on ways to change the world in new innovative ways and integrate it into an online forum. Perhaps more interesting about Scicraze is that it is International and applies to everybody. With readers coming from all over the world including Africa and the United States there is a great reader base for people to find out about interesting topics.

Recently we released two articles about the hazardous effects of mobile phones on your health as well as a few mobile phone apps that help make watching after your health much easier. We recommend checking it out when you get a chance and reading a few of the articles. As it is a startup they are always interested in talking to new potential writers or contributors so we recommend contacting them to discuss it if that is an area you are interested in talking about.

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