What you can do to raise breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness month is behind us but that doesn’t mean it’s an issue to forget about until next year. Here are just a few of the things you can do to help raise awareness in your community

Get Informed

The best way to raise breast cancer awareness is to become knowledgeable about it yourself. Get informed about statistics, charity events, sites that accept donations, prevention and self-examination that way you can share the information with friends and family.

Buy the Gear

Many organizations sell breast cancer awareness t-shirts, bracelets or decals that you can not only wear proudly, but most places donate the profits made from these sales to cancer research so you will also be contributing to the cause.

Hold a Breast Cancer Research Walk in your community

Raising funds is a huge part of the process in the continuing efforts to find a cure. Recruit friends, family and co-workers to start a walk or look for existing walks in your area.

Reach out to local organizations

Look for local programs that contribute to cancer research and find out how you can help. Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to raise money for research and gives you an opportunity to educate those in your neighborhood that share your interest in finding a cure.

Encourage the women in your life to get checked out

Early detection greatly increases the chance of survival. Talk to your friends and family and encourage them to perform regular self-exams and go to the doctor for regular screenings.

Create a website

Start your own breast cancer awareness website that lists useful information like where to donate money, where to get a cancer screening and any upcoming fundraising events. If a website is too intimidating, take to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to keep your friends posted about you awareness activities.


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