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Vegetarian Faux Meat Snacks to Try

There are many reasons to cut meat out of your diet. Most red meat comes with a wide variety of negative health issues, and even the excess of protein found in white meats can cause problems. There are even studies that compare eating meat to smoking cigarettes. That’s a scary thought but if you are here, you have probably found all the health benefits to going vegetarian or vegan. There are plenty of meat alternative snacks these days which make being vegan or vegetarian better than it ever has been. There’s are also plenty of options for people who still like the taste of meat, but they do not want the negative health issues that come along with it.

Types of Faux Meat Snacks

Some of the faux meats snacks include everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to Bologna and bacon. Many of them have the taste and texture of their meat counterparts. Some of the top faux meat snacks are hot dogs. They have the same size and weight as a regular hot dog, and by the time you have used the condiments and the bun, you would not be able to tell much of a difference. Lightlife Smart Dogs are one of the most popular. One of my favorite faux meat snacks are the Gardein Meatless Meatballs. These make a great appetizer or the best spegehetti and meatballs I’ve ever had!

Other meat alternative snacks contain tofu. It has been a staple of the vegetarian diet for years, and they are one of the most common meat substitutions. There are Tofurky deli slices and tofu bacon. Other meat substitutes include Quorn and Gardein products. Quorn makes Meatless Chik’n Patties and Gardein makes Golden fishless filets. They both make a variety of other products that carry the Quorn and Gardein labels.

Traditional Tastes

Some of the purely vegetarian snacks include Boca Original Vegan Veggie Burgers and vegan jerky. Louisville Jerky has a range of flavors made out of vegetable products. All of the above are great ways to wean someone off meat or for a non-meat eater to have some traditional meat meals without the dead carcass!

There are several options available for people who want to cut out meat from their diets. They can use meat substitutes that try and replicate the taste and texture of meat, but people can also use vegetable alternatives in place of products that you would regularly find meat.

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