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Top Canadian Health Professionals Are In the HSAA

HSAA Worker Physical Therapist


Join Canada’s Top Health Professionals

We are a firm believer in supporting things that are good for the world and what is better than protecting people’s health?! The HSAA is dedicated to bringing together the world’s top health professionals in Canada to protect people and form a great union. From physical therapists to paramedics this elite union now has over 25,000 people working hard to keep people and their well being good.

If you dig in deep to really see what the HSAA has been up to you can see that the Health-care union has given nearly 250,000 to Alberta flood victims recently along with slamming the privatization bids for health services and such in the media. These are just a few things that they are doing to keep the country and areas healthy and in good standing within the medical field. We respect what the HSAA is doing and are happy to share their recent news with all of our followers here on Happy Healthy Hub, a site that is meant to talk about great health topics!

Let us know your thoughts on HSAA in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the video that we have attached below to get a visual idea of what they are all about.

Interested In Learning More About HSAA? 

Visit their website directly at: https://hsaa.ca/


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