Tips for Staying Hydrated Without Drinking Water

The human body needs to maintain a certain level of hydration to feel strong and well-rested, but drinking water to stay hydrated is a challenge for some. Staying consistent with your water intake may feel like a bother, but there are ways to stay hydrated without drinking water. Read on for helpful tips on staying hydrated that don’t include water as the primary source of hydration and expand the ways you achieve your health goals.

Natural Juice

Juices will often come from fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. They typically consist of liquid and natural sugars squeezed from the produce. Fruit juice is a tastier drink than water and will supply you with hydration and other nutrients to help you feel healthier.

Some fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and pineapples, will yield more juice and make for a more filling drink. Vegetables such as tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers have high water content and will create a refreshing vegetable juice to drink when you need to hydrate. Drink juices to stay hydrated and boost your energy level during the day.

Eat Foods That Mostly Contain Water

Water is necessary for various foods to give them texture and activate nutrients. Fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe may have up to 90% water content. Eat these fruits as a nice side dish to hydrate yourself without water and enjoy the sweet taste.

Mushrooms also have a high water content, with up to 92% in each one. Portabello mushrooms paired with watery produce like tomatoes will make a nice dish to eat to pump fluids through your body. If you want a food that’s easier to ingest, yogurt makes for a nice creamy snack. Include small berries to increase the hydrating effects.

how to stay hydrated without water

Make Fruit Popsicles

When you feel thirsty and your mouth becomes dry, cool off with a nice fruit popsicle. Fruit popsicles are a frozen fruit mixture made in a popsicle mold and will quench your thirst. Blending the fruit and other ingredients, such as lemon juice and honey, will create a great frozen treat. Add multiple water-based fruits to make a nice fruit cocktail to put into the freezer and help yourself feel refreshed.

Increase Your Milk Intake

Milk is a great substitute for water and has numerous forms to suit people’s dietary needs. Milk’s fat and protein content will cause fluids in the body to slow digestion, helping you feel hydrated for longer. Milk’s calcium content helps regulate cell fluids to rejuvenate the body.

Among the milk variants, skim milk is best for hydration due to its higher fluid content; drinking it will cause less strain on your digestive tract. Drink milk throughout the day for a great source of hydration and increased strength.

Water is a valuable resource for staying hydrated. However, it’s not the only source. Use these tips and eat these foods to help you stay hydrated throughout the day so you can use your water bottle sparingly.


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