Tips for How To Donate Your Used Sportswear

As you go through your fitness journey, there comes the point where you toss your favorite gym top aside for a new one. It’s the same for other fitness items, such as running shoes, uniforms, gym equipment, and so on. However, that doesn’t mean you should throw it away. Instead, you can donate it to a good cause. From there, it will get a second life and provide a chance for someone else to better themselves. Here are some tips for how to donate your used sportswear.

Sort by Category

One of the first tips for how to donate your used sportswear is to sort them by correct categories. Whether you have gym gear you no longer fit in, or your child no longer plays a sport, sorting them will help with the donation process. The last thing you want is to donate old protective knee pads or gloves somewhere they shouldn’t go.

Active Gear

Going to the gym, running for miles, or doing yoga can do a number on your workout gear. You can usually find active equipment for the gym with ease. Even if you have clothing for hiking, it’s good to know when you can no longer use them. Some items you may wear include:

  • Compression shorts and tops
  • Sports bras and leggings
  • Active tanks and tees
  • Workout joggers
  • Active socks and running shoes
  • Joint and core support equipment

While it depends on how often you wear your athletic gear, the simplest way to know when you can no longer use it is if it doesn’t fit. Additionally, having little to no wear applies for donation. Just make sure none of your athletic contributions have holes, worn-out logos and graphics, or a strong odor. Otherwise, donation centers won’t take them.

Sports Gear

Sports gear needs to meet specific donation requirements. Luckily, many foundations accept used shoulder pads, baseball uniforms, and so on. You can even donate old dancers’ clothes for other kids who want to start their career in performance. You’ll help future athletes and professional performers progress toward their dreams.

Wash As Much as You Can

Before you drop off your donations, ensure you thoroughly wash them. The last thing an athlete wants is to find a stained, odor-ridden jersey in their possession. So take the time to clean all your used sportswear.

If you find uniforms and other athletic gear stained or ripped, try your best to remove the stain and mend any tears in the fabric. If you plan on donating shoes, switch out the laces for new ones, remove any debris and dirt buildup, and check the sole.

Going out of your way to help someone else achieve their fitness dreams can do wonders. A potential basketball star will prosper from you donating a pair of gym shorts.

Need more healthy tips? We have a lot to chose from!

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