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How To Stay Healthy During a Difficult Divorce


How To Stay Healthy During a Difficult Divorce

Going through a difficult divorce can be a challenging and disruptive experience for you and your family. You made the commitment to spend the rest of your lives together, but things have changed. You now find your life in a state of upheaval and your normal routine is a heap of chaos. No matter where things stand in your divorce, you need to take steps from the beginning to stay healthy throughout the process. Research has found that individuals going through the stresses of a divorce often experience higher rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. While you may not be able to find an amicable solution to solve your differences, you can find several outlets to help you stay healthy during a dirty divorce. The following tips are some healthy ways to cope when you find yourself unable to deal with the pressures of your divorce:


Exercise may sound like the solution to every problem, but in truth, it can actually help relieve your stress both mentally and physically. A divorce can disrupt your regular routine, so you need to make sure to schedule a time to exercise each day. Find activities that you actually enjoy, and you won’t find a reason to quit. Getting outside and going for a run, bike ride or a hike through the woods can help you see things more clearly and frees your mind of troubling thoughts. You can also join the gym with a friend and let off steam by taking a kick boxing or boot camp class. This is also a great way to meet people and get out of the house. Once you get moving, you are going to see exercise as an immediate reward for your efforts.

Get Counseling

Chatting with a professional or finding a group counseling session is an immediate stress reliever. Holding in negative thoughts and feelings can harm a person both mentally and physically. Pent up frustration can do a significant amount of damage to your health. Finding a knowledgeable expert or close friend to listen to your problems can help you find additional insight.  If you are going thru a bad divorce, contact a local divorce attorney or seek the advice from an attorney at law offices of Katz & Phillips sooner than later to help the process be a little easier and help to find a resolution for the many difficulties that you are facing ahead.


It can be hard to find time to stay focused and quiet your thoughts during a challenging divorce. Unfortunately, some people find unhealthy outlets such as overeating, spending money and substance abuse. Meditation, prayer or yoga can make excellent practices for relieving stress. Everyone can find at least 30 minutes a day to focus on clearing the mind. The ancient practices of yoga are proven stress relievers that have been shown to aid and benefit your health. This is especially necessary to achieve when you’re experiencing a painful divorce.

A New Look

Finding a new look can be a healthy change and assist you through divorce. Hair extensions, a change in hair color or a new style gives you a fresh perspective on life and can boost your spirits. Changing your appearance is also a great way to get rid of the negative feelings that you may be experiencing. A new style is a testament to moving forward and finding your own way to heal.

Being in an unhealthy relationship is not the answer to achieving good health. While it may be difficult to focus on staying well and taking care of yourself when you’re going through a dirty divorce, making your health a priority is the key to starting the next chapter in your new life.

Staying healthy and stress free is of major importance in daily life for freelance writer, Nadine Swayne, who contributes this article.  Divorce is never easy and can become complicated.  It can be a very emotional time for you and your family.  The attorneys at law offices of Katz & Phillips understand this and use their expertise to guide you through the process with as little pain as possible. Their attorneys will customize their legal strategies to fit your specific needs to ensure your rights are protected.

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