Ways To Stay Busy At Home During COVID-19

There are many ways to stay busy at home during COVID-19 to keep your mind working and those mood slumps at bay. Everyone is different, so while some may like journaling, others may prefer to exercise. The ways that you choose to keep your spirits up can entail several things—these are a few options to get you started.

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Stay Busy at Home: Foster a Dog

Dogs have the ability to do quite a bit for us as humans. Not only can they be emotionally supportive, but they are also sensitive and in need of support. While stuck at home, consider improving the life of a dog in need of a foster home. You will be able to turn your attention to someone else’s needs and feelings, keeping you out of your own head. Fostering a dog will allow you to busy your mind while helping a pup get acquainted with a home and human interaction while he waits to be adopted. Picture it as being the Mary Poppins of dogs; you get to love them and take care of them until they don’t need you anymore and then move on as they find their own happiness.

Declutter Your Home to Stay Busy at Home

Why does decluttering always seem to be on our list of things to do? We get so busy and things just go by the wayside. Consider decluttering your spaces of papers, toys, excess furniture, and whatever else you’re tripping on or is hindering you from seeing your countertops. Additionally, clear out your wardrobe. This past year seems to have catapulted us into a shabby chic choice of fashion, but remember—we will wear real pants again! Don’t eliminate clothing items you’ll need when you venture back out into the world.

Stay Busy at Home with Some DIY Updates

Home updates can be a fun way to not only keep you busy but clear your mind when all is said and done. Follow the original feng shui philosophy and adjust your living space to boost your mood. Consider creating a new focal point in your living room by changing the wall color or adding a faux fireplace. You could also throw up some floating shelves to display books and décor, jazz up your laundry room, or paint your kitchen cabinets. The possibilities are endless for the little DIY projects you can do to spruce up your space and enhance your attitude.

Have you ever heard the Joseph Addison quote, “Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for”? Apply this to what you choose to do to pass the time while we get through quarantine. Using these ways to stay busy at home during COVID-19, fulfill that quote and relieve yourself of added stress in the most creative ways possible.

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