Simple Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Each year, millions of drivers get into car accidents, from the minor fender bender to hazardous wrecks. New Hampshire personal injury lawyers spend a great deal of time on cases involving motor vehicles.

Just as New Hampshire medical malpractice lawyers must get involved when things go wrong in medical settings, car accident lawyers specialize in sorting out the messiness of auto accidents. It’s safe to assume nobody wants to be in this situation in the first place—so how can you do your best to be safe behind the wheel?

Taking Care at the Intersection

New Hampshire car accident lawyers are aware that intersections are highly dangerous. It’s reported that about a quarter of all automobile accidents occurs at an intersection. There are a lot of dynamics at place at the average intersection, and the average driver is probably focused more on the lights than anything else or is otherwise distracted.

The best way to avoid accidents at an intersection is to pay attention to the lights, the other cars around you, and the direction you are driving. Above all, watch for pedestrians. Not all pedestrians follow crosswalk rules.

Keeping Your Space

People tend to be in a rush while driving, which leads to drivers following a little too closely behind cars. Many accidents are rear-end accidents caused by tailgating. Keep a good distance between yourself and the car ahead of you. The general rule is to leave a three second following distance between yourself and the car in front of you, but just use your better judgment. There should be enough space for you to prepare for any sudden brakes or sudden changes in the road. This distance should be doubled in poor weather conditions.

If, on the other hand, someone is tailgating you, stay calm. Don’t panic and slam the brakes and don’t get angry. Maintain your speed and drive like you normally would. In most cases the tailgater will switch lanes or create some more space between the vehicles.

Distracted Driving

The most common cause of motor accidents is distracted driving. Drivers just aren’t paying attention to the road or the cars around them. There’s a certain communication necessary between drivers. Distracted driving breaks that communication, leading to fender benders.

Although smartphones and texting have thoroughly contributed, distracted driving has always been a problem. Some drivers apply makeup while driving. Others eat whole meals behind the wheel. Still others actually read books or cram for exams in the car. When you’re driving, nothing is more important than doing exactly that. You’ll be doing yourself and everyone around you a big favor.

Remember, focus on one thing while behind the wheel: driving safely. Stay alert, look out for others, and follow the rules. You’ll greatly reduce your chances of ever needing a car accident lawyer in the future.

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